Erin Go Kill is the first book in a four-book Gordy Tyler murder-mystery/thriller series.

In the fall of 1987, the level of Irish Republican Army (IRA) violence escalated in Ulster as the IRA urban guerilla campaign morphed from fierce internecine warfare in blue-collar neighborhoods to elite upper-class targets in government, corporate board rooms and exclusive gentlemen’s clubs.  All evidence pointed to a returned Irish expatriate, Sean O’Neill, a retired National Security Agency (NSA) operative and former U.S. Marine officer as the mastermind behind that tactic.  O’Neill’s sidekick in Vietnam and the Middle East, Gordy Tyler, is reactivated from civilian life by U.S. Naval Intelligence and loaned to NSA to go to Ireland, find O’Neill and bring him back to the USA by any means necessary, “dead or alive.”  O’Neill is considered an abrasive embarrassment by NSA and the U.S. Government

 Tyler and another NSA agent, Bridget Mahoney, who has loyalty and agenda issues, as well as developing psychotic illusions, pose as honeymooning tourists.  Mahoney is equal to Tyler in all things except physical size.  She has her way through feminine wiles, or by ruthlessly obliterating all opposition as well as anyone unfortunate to be caught in the crossfire.

 After surviving a botched assassination attempt in a dark, narrow, 18th century cobblestone alley in Dublin, Tyler rejects the failed NSA mission plan, goes rogue and gets cheerfully loud in pubs throughout the picturesque villages along the Irish Republic/Ulster border.  That allows O’Neill to find them when he is ready to be found, and sets up the intense conclusion whereby the IRA, NSA and Scotland Yard must cooperate to prevent a mass massacre of noncombatants. 

 Set in Ft. Worth, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Dublin, Ireland; and Ulster from the storm-swept ruins of Dunluce Castle to the bloody streets of Belfast, Erin Go Kill is interwoven with international intrigue, intense personal loyalties, institutional deceptions, the excesses and aftermaths of colonial oppression, the intimate violence of sectarian warfare and its collateral victims, a budding romance between evolving adversaries, and the actual historical events in the Republic of Ireland, Ulster, and England during that era.

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