Our favorite daughter, Kathy Ferman-Menino and her husband–our favorite son-in-law–Joe Manino, live in New Jersey in a really neat apartment that overlooks the Hudson River and New York City.


Kathy is a kindergarten teacher in New Jersey and writes children’s plays that are performed all over the United States.  The three photographs of Kathy and her classes of Munskins show Kathy at her best.  Would you believe that she gets paid for having all of that fun?


Kathy's Class Visits A Farm - 2014
Kathy’s Class Visits A Farm – 2014

Joe is a professional actor who usually works in New York City, but he gets around. The on-stage photo is Joe’s leading role as Willy Loman in Death Of A  Salesman.    

Kathy & Joe's Wedding                                                                                                                       Joe as
Kathy and Joe Wedding 06/10/2006                                  Joe (in white shirt) as Willy Loman

Kathy wedding -billybob's combined

Boru At Rest

Kathy and Joe’s new dog, Boru, is named after a famous Irish warrior/king, Brian Boru, back in the 10th century or something historic like that.

Little Boru was found wandering the streets after those bad/nasty floods in Virginia many moons ago. Apparently, he loves everybody, man and beast alike.